Securmatic Repair Center GmbH

Service and repair center for video and article surveillance systems
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Repair Process for Pelco Products

Please follow the repair procedure if you want to send in defective Pelco products for repair.

  1. Please send at first an E-mail to the following email address:

    E-mails should contain the following information:

    • Contact person
    • Phone
    • E-Mail
    • Invoice address
    • Shipping address
    • VAT identification number
    • Product Description
    • Product Number
    • Serial Number
    • Fault Description
    • Warranty: Yes/No
  2. Send now the faulty unit with delivery note to the following address:

    • Securmatic Repair Center GmbH
    • Halskestrasse 36
    • 40880 Ratingen
    • Germany
  3. As soon as we have received your shipment we send an E-mail with the repair number.
  4. For warranty repairs we send back the device free of charge immediately after repair.
  5. After the goods have been received, the defect device will be checked and you will receive a fee-based cost estimate stating the expected repair and shipping costs. (The costs for the cost estimate are offset against the repair costs)
  6. Please mark one of the options below and send the cost estimate signed and stamped by E-mail back to Securmatic

    • Repair according to cost estimate
    • Unrepaired back
    • Scrap – no return

    Faxnummer: 02102-71439-21

  7. After we received the signed cost estimate, we send the device back as soon as possible.
  8. Invoice and a detailed delivery note are attached to the shipment we send back to the customers shipping address
    For any request regarding repairs please contact Mr. Gülpinarli

    • Tel.: 02102-71439-11
    • E-Mail: